About Salat and Bunge

About Salat and Bunge

Salat. Generic name of vegetable oil, flavor of the foods

Salat has been introduced to Turkish cuisine in 1930's and had been the name for vegatable oils for a long period of time. Salat, was produced as sunflower oil in Berrak Oil Factories in Istanbul Balat, that became a brand which was associated with taste and naturalness in a short time. Salat never compromiced it's quality even during the World War II when people experienced troubles in production and distribution of commodities and continued the production without interruption.

In 1996,Özdoyuran Family bought the brand and moved it to its new production facility in Tekirdağ in 1969. From this time on, sunflower oil in Turkey got the name of "Salat". In 70s and 80s,kitchens of Turkey came to life with Salat flavor and people looked for sunflower oil with the name of "Salat". However, after the economic crisis in Turkey, production of Salat was stopped completely at the end of 1990s. However, the name of Salat has kept it's place in minds as the generic name of sunflower oil and called together with taste and health.

As Bunge, we acquired the brand Salat to bring together consumers with the quality and taste they longed for and we started production with Sunflower, Corn and Canola oil types in one of the most modern vegatable oil production facility in Turkey.

With the integration of traditional taste of Salat and the high quality standards of Bunge, Salat will continue to add flavor to dining tables as it once did.

Bunge in the World
Bunge was founded in Amsterdam/Netherlands in 1818 to engage in grains trading. Following growth of the company and expansion of its field of activities, the company moved its headquarters to Anwers/Belgium in 1856, to South America in the following century and to New York in 1999.

Bunge is an international company with over 35.000 employees, with more than 400 plants, warehouses, purchasing centers in 40 countries across 4 continents.
In August 2001, Bunge was listed in New York Stock Exchange.

Today Bunge is;
-One of the largest oilseed, vegetable oil and meal producers in the world.
-The leading bottled refined vegetable oil supplier in the world.
-The largest wheat processor and thus flour producer in South America.
-The leader meal supplier of Europe.
-The leader oilseed supplier of China.

Bunge in Turkey
Our company operates in Turkey since year 2000. Bunge processes and distributes domestically or exported oilseeds according to needs of the sector. It also engages in commercial operations of rice, corn and wheat.

Bunge is currently among the largest suppliers of the sector in Turkey. In addition to the two oilseed processing, refining and bottling facilities located in Lüleburgaz and İzmir Aliağa, its port and logistics plants serve both vegetable oil companies and final consumers.

We sell processed vegetable crude oil to vegetable oil companies operating in the sector. We also refine and bottle vegetable oils, extracted from processed oil seeds and serve it to final consumers’ use. The meal extracted from the seeds is provided to feed plants and thus the seeds are completely utilized during the production process.

As Bunge, we acquired the brand Salat in 2013 with a view to bring together consumers with the quality and taste they longed for and we started production of Sunflower, Corn and Canola oil varieties in one of the most modern vegetable oil production facility in Turkey.

In all over the world; from wheat to sunflower, from the seed to the bottle, from the manufacturer to the consumer… Bunge will continue be in every moment of life.

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